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6 Types of Massages Every Couple Should Try

Posted on July 20, 2022
July 20, 2022

6 Types of Massages Every Couple Should Try

If you are a spa regular, you must have noticed the ‘couple massage’ option. Have you ever wondered what it is? It is massage therapy for two people in the same room lying on separate beds with two massage therapists giving them the massage. It is one of the most popular options during Valentine’s week or other holidays. But if you are single, don’t roll your eyes because you can enjoy it with your friends or loved ones. What’s better than having a relaxing time with your close ones? 

You can choose the type of massage you want to make the experience even better and more fulfilling. But what are the different options, and how do you choose the one best?

To help you make a choice, here’s a guide on six types of couple massages at Costa mesa. Let’s start

  • Swedish: Swedish or the ‘classic massage’ therapy uses gentle, light strokes and helps you relax, gain energy, or in some cases, pain relief from a certain injury. It is the couple massage you want to enjoy on holidays to pamper each other. 
  • Thai: Thai massage combines acupressure techniques, ayurvedic principles, and some yoga postures. It is not about you simply enjoying the gentle pressure from therapists; but rather participating actively, lying on a floor mat. However, it has some health benefits and is also good for relieving stress and headaches. You can try this couples massage option to show that you care for your body. 
  • Deep tissue: By applying deeper strokes with a little more pressure, deep tissue massage targets deep muscle layers and the surrounding areas. It’s ideal for people suffering from chronic pain or experiencing stress and muscle tension. 
  • Combination Massage: It is the perfect blend of Swedish and deep tissue massage. If you are seeking pain relief in certain muscle areas while still hoping to enjoy the relaxation the Swedish massage provides, this is the one for you. 
  • Reflexology: A subtle massage option: reflexology is a zonal therapy on specific points on the feet, ears, and hands. Using thumbs, fingers, and other hand massage techniques, the therapist applies different amounts of pressure to these points. It’s a relaxing experience. You should experience at least one with your loved ones. 
  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is another popular Costa Mesa massage option. Aromatic essential oils pouring over your body amidst light music combined with gentle pressure from therapists can be the best gift for anyone. It is not only pleasing but also helpful in boosting mood, relieving stress, improving sleep, etc.

Costa Mesa Massage

Spend a relaxing day with your favorite person with us while enjoying a couple of massages at Costa Mesa. We have several therapists proficient in various massage styles because we want the best for our customers. We always hope they leave the spa in better shape and mood than when they came in. Costa Mesa massage can be the perfect anniversary or appreciation gift for people you love.


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