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A Swedish massage is designed to relax the entire body through five major massage techniques viz: Effleurage (light stroking and gliding); Petrissage (rhythmic kneading or squeezing to compress soft tissues of the body.); tapping (a focused rubbing technique applied on specific areas); vibration (loosing and relaxing the body via conspicuous shakings); and Tapotement (applying consistent tapping on the body). It uses light-to-firm pressure in a treatment that focuses on circulation and working the soft tissues of the body.

Swedish massage remains one of the most widely used types of massages and consists of a series of maneuvers performed mainly on muscles and joints. It was developed by a Dutch physician, Johann Georg Mezger while studying the effects of some French massage techniques on physical healing; and later used by the Swedish medical pioneer, Pehr Heinrick Ling (1776-1839) to enhance the performances of athletes.

Trying this massage type for the first time is likely to help you through numerous scar tissue and adhesions, leaving you feeling relaxed.

Your amazing Swedish massage treatment at Tranquil Thai Massage begins with a quick safety check to highlight any health issues and ensure that you are fit and well. After which, the actual spa experience starts when a massage therapist lubricates the skin with a lotion or oil and performs a series of strokes that will warm up the muscle tissue. From these initial strokes, our masseurs proceed by breaking various muscle knots and tissues in specific areas to help ease the strain on the muscles and improve bodily functions.

Before you book any form of Swedish appointment with us, we will love to know about any past injuries or other conditions that you may be facing as an individual. Vividly also outline your goals for the treatment. We want to target areas of muscle tightness and ensure that we use the right pressure and massage quality on any patient to improve overall health by flushing out toxins. Be alert that the priority is Humanity First in our strive to reduce any pain you may feel due to your injury, pregnancy, or back pain.


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