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Prenatal Massage need to tell customers By Appointment only, CBD is not an option for this service

Prenatal Massage

Over the years, massage has been used to improve health, reduce stress and decrease muscle pain. But did you know it can also be beneficial for expectant mamas whose pregnancies are between 12 – 30 weeks old? Modern research have it that prenatal or pregnancy massage is an excellent technique for treating the pain and inflammation associated with carrying a child as well as for managing postpartum depression. Ohhh…! There’s nothing like a relaxing prenatal massage to rub away the stress and discomfort of parenting.

During pregnancy, it can be very difficult to treat pain and inflammation in the same way that you would with regular pharmaceutical means. An experienced pregnancy massage expert can make sure that you have the supports needed to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. These Massage therapists know how to sneak a regular massage routine into your daily life to treat sore muscles, swollen joints and a series of postural and muscular conditions associated with pregnancy.

Soon to be mothers will likely all agree that, carrying a little bundle of joy isn’t always so joyful. The body often needs to adjust through the pregnancy, usually with an added toll on the muscles, joints, and posture. As a result, proper prevention, posture improvements and inflammation support are needed, and with the help of an active registered massage therapists, your wife won’t experience any back pain, discomfort, or fatigue

Combating stress is also as important for mamas as it is for babies. Research show that women with higher stress levels during pregnancy are more likely to give birth  to premature and underweight babies. Hence, your muscles will certainly appreciate a massage when they’ve been carrying around an extra load. For this reason, our pregnancy massage sessions are available by appointment only at a rate of $80 for 60 min., and $110 for 90 min.

Because the body needs to balance up, gentle pressure will be used on unique positions to keep the mother comfortable and safe, incorporating a sense of wellness and better sleep for her. At Tranquil Thai Massage, therapist are specifically oriented on how to position and support your body during each massage session. Even if you only have issues with sciatic nerve pains, we can schedule regular appointments to ensure recovery and help you enjoy an easier time with your pregnancy.

If you are interested in booking a pregnancy massage with us today, we can assist you through out the booking process. Just leave a message or drop a phone call!


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