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Neck, Back AND Shoulders Massage

As humans, we do have the ability to overwork ourselves. Programming all day, driving long distances,  Improper sleeping positions or even poor postures at work can cause muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. As a result, in this fast-paced life, our body tend to tighten-up. Whether it becomes chronic or lasts only a short time, a neck, back and shoulders massage is one of the best techniques to loosing up and reduce muscular tension while smoothening day-to-day life.

The primary cause of muscle stiffness in humans is the buildup of lactic acid in the body. Through a combination of oils (to hydrate and nourish dry skin) and our massage therapy, we deliver moderate massage methods to help increase blood circulation and mitigate the effects of  this toxin.

With over 18 muscles and 25 ligaments around the neck region, the U.S. National Institute of Health Statistics reports that 15% of Americans are troubled by neck related pain. Have issues dealing with added tension around the neck, shoulder or back region? We do offer quality massage to relieve stress and correct poor posture using gentle vigorous movements. Book an appointment with us to enjoy improved and redesigned spa environment for optimum comfort while getting the most of massage and relaxation.

Our Neck, back, and shoulder massages are suitable for people of all ages and quite instrumental to improving the quality of a person’s life. It was spaciously designed for everyone be it computer professionals, homemakers, athletes, or elderly people with poor blood circulation in the back. Even as muscle stiffness and repetitive strain on the shoulders do make their mark on an individual, the gentle pressure used by our experts may vary, unless you request a deeper pressure.

However, it has been observed that people consume pain killers to alleviate neck and shoulder pain, though it comes with severe side effects. Tranquil Thai Massage natural approach using different techniques (including traditional Swedish massage, or even deep tissue massage) will increase your serotonin and dopamine levels, realigning the body.

If you are interested in booking a focused massage appointment for your neck, back, and shoulders using light and medium touch, contact our offices today. We can schedule a 60 min (or 30 min) appointment to help relieve your muscles from fatigue and prevent the ongoing shoulder ache (or neck pain).


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