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Couples Massage

In todays busy World, people barely get the chance to spend time with that special someone. Even our most favorite “Valentine’s Day” seems to pass so quickly that it becomes really difficult to show those we care about how we truly feel. A great way to show that love and concern is by scheduling a couples massage at Tranquil Thai Massage.

As couples, if you’re looking for the ultimate spa experience to bond and relax your relationship, then look no further than our massage therapy experts to get the best in terms of quality, purpose, and satisfaction. After all, knowing what to expect from a couples massage will help you create an unforgettable experience with your partner.

In a traditional couple massage, partners receive unique massages at the same time, but on two separate tables, administered by two dedicated massage therapists. Imagine an hour-long side-by-side quiet massage with soothing music and a calm environment. Amazing right? You get to enjoy a diluted affordable massage, given you an experience of being connected to softer energy, which leaves you feeling relaxed and free of pain and inflammation. This can be a wonderful way to spend time together with your partner or smile with that special person.

Massages have many associated health benefits such as enhancing blood circulation, reducing blood pressure, and ensuring full body relaxation. Aww! At Tranquil Thai Massage, we give you just the best, including deep tissue massage, body treatments, and care tips with full benefits for couples. By using our special couples rates with additional special twist, you can save a lot and make your time during the actual massage more of healing and routine enjoyment. Book through us today and enjoy a relaxing couples massage this week!

We can be the perfect place to relax after a stressful work week or unwind from a busy home life. If you have been seeking an easing getaway, we do offer a series of couples massage options with clinical focus on the back, neck and shoulders. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a fun and romantic experience to enjoy the healing benefits of a wide range of popular massage therapies with your partner, Tranquil Thai Massage still got your back. It’s very cheap and we won’t break your bank.

A couple’s massage allows you and your partner to move away from consistent boring repetitions to trying something new. Contact us today so we can outline the best type of couples massage to suit your needs and the needs of your partner. We do pick out the ideal massage type to help you maximize the entire massage rejuvenation and alleviation potential. At Tranquil Thai Massage, you and your partner get a 1 hour massage in a wide range of styles from registered therapists.


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