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Hot Stone Therapy

Do you ever yearn for a good back rub or a soothing massage after a long day? A Hot Stone Massage is just what you need.

A Hot Stone Massage is a delightfully relaxing treatment using a special type of heated basalt stone to work deep into the layers of the body muscle. Massage using heated stones that are placed specifically on the body allows muscles to relax and calm the nervous system.

The gentle pressure from the stones accompanied by a massage effectively works to wipe out tension and make you feel relaxed. The massage therapist gently places the heated stones on energy points on the body. The weight of the stones allows the therapist to use a slightly deeper pressure during the massage, as a result providing you with greater benefits.

Before placing the stone, your massage therapist will make sure the stones are at the perfect temperature, and not too hot to cause burns and discomforts.

The therapeutic benefits of the hot Hot Stone Massage are many, including:

Muscle Relaxation

It can be hard to ease overly tense muscles with typical massage techniques. The heat from the stone can provide that extra effect needed to break down muscle tension and make you feel relaxed. A massage therapist can take advantage of the heat of the stone to manipulate deep tissue effectively and decrease muscle spasms and increase mobility and range of motion.

Help Relieve Stress

Like any other massage, a Hot Stone Massage is also known to have a stress-relieving effect. You can feel all your stress just melt away as the warm stone absorbs toxins and calms the psyche.

The heated stones help to expand the blood vessels and improve blood circulation throughout the body, thereby working as a sedative.

Pain Relief

A Hot Stone Massage provide great relief from pain caused by stiff joints, tense muscles, or injuries. Incorporating heat with massage allows the therapist to penetrate deeper so that even the tensest or pain-causing muscles can be relaxed.

The warming sensation also helps in relieving aching joints. It is important to talk with your massage therapist if the pressure is too harsh or the stone is too hot for you during the massage, as discomfort and pain can only do more harm than good.

Better Sleep

Inadequate and unhealthy sleep is directly in line with issues like tension, stress, joint and muscle pain. A Hot Stone Massage can help promote a good night’s sleep. By relaxing even the tensest muscles, the massage helps you to relax and doze off easily into a satisfying slumber and recuperate.

The warmth and weight of the stone and massage will relax your body and mind, allowing you to drift off into a deep sleep.

Immunity Boost

Another important benefit of a Hot Stone Massage is boosting your immune system. By improving blood flow, the massage helps activate the immune system, allowing you to perhaps withstand those winter colds and flu.

The experience of the wondrous effects of a Hot Stone Massage begins at Tranquil Thai Massage. You can avoid the tiring tempo of the city and spend a peaceful and relaxing time at our spa. A clam greeting and an experienced therapist awaits to lead the way into a tranquil treatment room.

Focusing on your health and wellbeing is never a waste of time and after a stressful day, investing an hour or two in yourself is surely a good thing. Tranquil Thai Massage is here to take those cares and stress away and allow you to completely enjoy your time. Feel free to check out our services contact us for any information.


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