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Our combination of Thai, Swedish and deep tissue massages can be one of the best ways to target inflammation and complement the healing art of a full deep tissue massage, along with the joint and yoga-like stretching benefits from a Thai massage.

Using such a combination of interactive therapies from a Thai massage, you typically station your limbs into alternative yoga-like positions so as to benefit from deep muscle compression and joint mobilization. The additional deep tissue targeting found in Swedish massage now serves as a quality treatment option to facilitate injury recovery and improve stress levels.

Both massage types are excellent for targeting pain and improving injury recovery.  It can also cure migraines, increase blood oxygen levels, improve energy levels and leave you feeling less stressed.

The combination of stretching techniques alongside deep tissue massage will ensure that your body is able to recover from any deep tissue work. For many clients who struggled with inflammation after single-crafted deep tissue massages, we recommend the use of this massage combination to improve your overall stance and meet your physical needs for injury recovery.

At Tranquil Thai Massage, our clients over time, customize available massage gentle kneading experiences to relieve tension and enhance flexibility. We want to deliver an added sense of relaxation and wellness to our service and provide the best technique from both therapies.

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