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Should You Get a Prenatal Massage in Costa Mesa Discover the Benefits During Pregnancy

Posted on March 16, 2023
March 16, 2023

Should You Get a Prenatal Massage in Costa Mesa Discover the Benefits During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many drastic changes. A pregnancy massage is a special therapy that involves gentle and soothing techniques tailored specifically for the mom-to-be, that can work wonders on your mind and body.

Research shows that pregnancy massage is one of the safe and effective complementary therapy that can be followed during pregnancy. Tranquil Thai massage has a team of trained and experienced therapists who ensure delivery of a tailored prenatal massage costa mesa, facilitating relaxation and enjoying the pregnancy journey. 

Benefits of prenatal massage therapy

Pregnancy massage costa mesa aims to relieve your stress through mild pressure applied to the muscle tissues of the body. Here we have listed the top benefits of pregnancy massage.

  • Regulation of hormones

Prenatal massage is associated with stress reduction and relaxation. It aids in a better mood, prevents anxiety and improves cardiovascular function. Studies show that practising the therapy will lower the stress hormones like cortisol and increase the level of relaxation hormones like dopamine. 

  • Better foetal position

Prenatal massage costa mesa helps mothers to maintain healthy posture and cope with the modifying alignment caused by the foetus inside the womb. The process will also enhance the flexibility of your muscles, making it easy for them to carry the excess weight of the baby.

  • Improved blood circulation

The human body normally produces 50-60% more blood at the time of pregnancy, therefore better circulation is essential. Prenatal massage therapy helps in inducing the circulation of blood to the heart, uterus and placenta. 

  • Quality sleep pattern

The quality of sleep will be affected at the time of pregnancy, due to the changes happening in your body in the new chapter. Massage patterns will bring extensive benefits in improving your sleep quality, while you are preparing for labour and the arrival of a newborn.

Wrapping up!

Pregnancy is a special time, but it comes with its share of discomforts and challenges. Fortunately, Pregnancy massage will make pregnant women feel at ease, however, it has to be done with utmost care in the right hands of professionals. 

At Tranquil Thai Massage we offer a unique prenatal massage costa mesa, to give every expecting mom a comfortable and peaceful experience. After the therapy, you will find improvement in blood circulation and reduced muscle soreness, aiding you in the effective management of pregnancy. 

Book your appointment with us today and feel better while you embark on the pregnancy journey!


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