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Therapy Of Anxiety

Posted on January 24, 2022
January 24, 2022

Therapy Of Anxiety

In today’s world, everyone considers themselves occupied in one or the other activities, by keeping in mind that being busy is the trend of the new world. But knowingly or unknowingly, by having this notion in mind, they filled the comfort zone with many tangles that are created by themselves. 

To mitigate the anxiety of the mind, different individuals follow unique doors to be happy and content. So, one of the best techniques to alleviate the cause of all mess is nothing but the body massage, specifically the hot stone massage. 

The hot stone massage, as the word itself, depicts it involves the participation of stones that are heated. Moreover, cold stone therapy is also used as per the choice and requirement. 

Stone formation

In this the stone is made up of a basalt rock stone. Basalt stone is also called igneous rock, which implies a stone originating from a volcanic eruption. The formation of a stone took place when the magma or lava of the volcano cooled down in temperature immediately after eruption led to the formation.


Initially, the massage includes a heating/cooling of stones at respective temperatures of the water. For instance, if the client requires heat, the stone gets heated in the 40-60 °C water or cooled in the 5-25 °C water. The temperature of the water is maintained with a calibrated electronic thermometer.

Secondly, a thin cloth sheet is draped on the client to maintain a minimum distance from a natural body. Hence, skin is the most sensitive organ, so; it may get hurt easily. 


In the hot stone massage, a basic yet crucial condition is involved: the skin needs to be hydrated before or after the process and internally and externally. To maintain internal hydration, a client is ordered to drink plenty of water and to maintain external hydration; a client is massaged with moisture or oil. 

Lastly, this process encompasses a minimum of 60-90 minutes but may extend according to the client.

Boons of a massage 

  • The hot stone massage is beneficial for stimulating the blood flow in the body because the heat involved in the process induces the nerves.
  • It also helps in relief in pain and spasms in the body. Many sports personnel often deal with this massage. Not only a sportsperson but also fair folks may enjoy the massage for their arm, backbone, leg pain.
  • This massage is highly recommended to physically sensitive people because it provides good relief to their bones and muscles and helps make a robust body.
  • It is beneficial for depression and insomnia individuals because hot stone therapy improves mental health and nourishes sleep quality.
  • And the last and most eye-catching benefit involved is that the stone therapy acts as a medicine to align the chakra in the body.

People mostly prefer the hot stone massage because it delivers a quick and fast recovery and involves a minimum involvement of a therapist. 

But with the pros, it also includes some cons, it is recommended as per the advice only, unwanted utilisation of the massage may put a high risk. For instance, skin injured people are advised not to deal with this because it may worsen the injury.

So, To enjoy and make yourself as fit as you feel, costa mesa massage is the one-stop solution for your needs. Because it believes unique people need unique techniques. This provides a proper tailor for each session to understand the client’s needs. Furthermore, provide package deals to save money. 
So if you would like to know more, or get this wonderful hot stone massage in Costa Mesa, please feel free to contact us.


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