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4 hands (2 Massage Therapists) Book Now

4 hands (2 Massage Therapists)

If you are looking for a unique body massage experience to deliver some of the best full body techniques, you might want to consider a four hands massage. Also known as Tandem Massage, this massage type involves experienced massage therapists working simultaneously as a team to apply varying pressures, often using synchronized technical moves. Such simultaneous hand movements realigns the muscles and joints, and proper joint placements improves flexibility.

But if you’re getting some benefits from full body massage already, and looking to try a different technique or therapy, our 4 body massage is just the right spec. It is an amazing experience for anyone having a hard time relaxing since it feels more like getting two deep full body massages at the same time, but with a more intense level of therapeutic relaxation in both the mind and body.

Book our 4 hands massage to deal with any kind of stress through the gradual applications of coordinated and rhythmic massage moves. The target is to activate every part of the body with a feeling of rejuvenation and psychosomatic regeneration, and when the mind is relaxed from such feeling, the muscles in turn complements this relaxation, becoming more receptive and pliable. This increases the effectiveness of the massage you will get and makes injury recovery faster.

Because the mind and body may react very differently, 4 hands massage therapy can be particularly powerful for managing body pain and inflammation. Also, we do offer 4 hands massage in a variety of techniques combined with other therapies like cupping, to activate the circulatory and lymphatic system, eliminating toxins from the body. Consequently, if you’ve never tried a 4 hands massage before and would love to see the difference it can make, be sure to book one of our sessions today

Bear in mind however that although adding in another massage therapist can come at a premium rate, the benefits are mind-blowing, with lasting results for your pain and inflammation after the process is complete. Tranquil Thai  Massage has the best therapy for a 4 hands massage to help optimize the functioning of the body’s organs so you can get great results from your deep tissue appointment.


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