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What Deep Tissue Massage in Costa Mesa Involves

Posted on October 20, 2021
October 20, 2021

What Deep Tissue Massage in Costa Mesa Involves

Deep tissue massage essentially involves the treatment of issues that may appear in your muscles. This includes issues like strains or injuries sustained during sports. The massage is carried out by a therapist who uses slow deep strokes to reach beyond the epidermis and into the muscles below. 

Some professionals state that a good neck and shoulder massage in Costa Mesa can help to eliminate scar tissue and promote healing. Depending on the type of injury you may have, you will have to get a massage daily or a few days in the week. As the injury starts to heal, you may only have to get a deep massage once a month. 

When should you get a deep tissue massage In Costa Mesa?

In addition to healing injuries, you can choose to get it in the following cases: 

  • Bouts of Anxiety 

Deep tissue massage can benefit your emotional state just as much as your physical ailments. Some professionals state that getting this type of massage once a month can help lower anxiety and stress levels. 

According to reputed healthcare establishments like the mayo clinic, a 60-minute massage can cause a 30% reduction in cortisol levels and increase serotonin by 28%. 

  • Pregnancy 

Pregnancies tend to involve a fair bit of issues as a woman’s body is going through rapid and drastic changes. Deep tissue massage can help to alleviate leg and back pain which are common during pregnancies. Some doctors even recommend getting short duration massages while a woman is in labour to reduce the pain and stress that they might feel during this time. 

  • Neck Pain 

Given our current lifestyle and occupations, neck pain is quite prevalent in today’s day and age. Although there may be an underlying reason why your neck hurts, getting the occasional neck and shoulder massage in Costa Mesa can act as a quick fix. 

For more extreme cases, one study suggests getting an hour-long massage at least two times a week. However, if your finances or schedule does not allow that, consider opting for a 30-min long session twice a week. 

  • Back Pain 

When patients pay a visit to their doctors after experiencing back pain, doctors almost always recommend getting a back massage in addition to certain medications. The American College of Physicians states that prescribing massages to eliminate lower back pain is now acceptable and effective. 

If you are convinced about the benefits that deep tissue massage has to offer you, get in touch with experienced masseuses over at Tranquil Thai Massage in Costa Mesa. 


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